Our short narratives

Short narratives are the driving force behind arkitecht. We aim to produce the best quality films, in a short running time, to excite and amaze. We deal with complex characters, dark themes and shocking endings.
Check them out below.


Find Me At Rest – More coming soon


Heaven Sent A Killer  –   teaser trailer

A neon-drenched violent surrealist thriller about angels and demons…


Each And Every T-Shirt  –    watch online

A short dialogue about cynicism. Starring Mike Kelson and Jack Goodlett.


Jesus Won’t Save You  –   teaser trailer

A claustrophobic psychological horror about the breakdown in relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter. Starring Alexia Marza and Catherine Adams.


Let’s Just Die  –   watch online

A period drama set in the early 18th century about the turmoil caused by a vicious pirate returning home. Starring Jason Matthewson, Sorcha Verey, Danny Scott and Mike Kelson.