Our short narratives

Our short narratives have been featured in numerous film festivals and garnered acclaim from audiences all over the world. They are the driving force behind arkitecht. They are frequently dark and violent.
Check them out below.

Find Me At Rest watch online

Memories of a war-torn past are challenged in this neo-western revenge thriller.

fmar 1 (18)

Heaven Sent A Killer  –   watch online

A neon-drenched violent surrealist thriller about angels and demons…

s8 2

Each And Every T-Shirt  –    watch online

A short dialogue about cynicism. Starring Mike Kelson and Jack Goodlett.


Jesus Won’t Save You  –   watch online

A claustrophobic psychological horror about the breakdown in relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter. Starring Alexia Marza and Catherine Adams.


Let’s Just Die  –   watch online

A period drama set in the early 18th century about the turmoil caused by a vicious pirate returning home. Starring Jason Matthewson, Sorcha Verey, Danny Scott and Mike Kelson.