Adam R Kennedy

Adam R Kennedy is a British filmmaker, photographer and video editor. Adam brings a strong, distinct creative vision full of bold colours, dark stories and unsettling themes.
Born in Kent, England, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at Queen’s University Belfast. During this time he began making short films with his friends, starting with the underground film “12 Days” which made small waves and is said to have inspired an indie rock band. In the years since, he has directed over ten short films which have been selected at film festivals across the world and has been nominated for several awards.
He has written an unpublished book (working title: The Clouds of Saturn) with the condition that he will send it to publishers only when his fellow coworker, Bones, agrees to do the same with one of his books. As of 2022, the challenge is still in the air and Bones refuses to compromise.

by david kane

Adam serves as CEO and Operations Manager at ARKitecht ltd.
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Showreel 2023

Short narratives

Do Angels See What I See? (2017 – 02:47): A man contemplates God and morality as he embarks on a personal journey.
Cause I Hate Everything (2017 – 09:26): A doctor wrestles to prevent his patient from making a terrible mistake.
Believe Me I Know (2017 – 02:54): A monologue about insecurity and the modern world.
Now We Kill (2016 – 14:05) – A young man embarks on a neo-western journey of revenge.
A Conversation With Death (2016 – 03:40): A young woman talks with death

Other shorts

Photoshoot with Katja (2017)
Rain In Belfast (2017)
The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (2019, dir. Jake Ryan)