Bones McGraw

Bones McGraw is an award-winning American film producer living in England. On his twentieth birthday, he left home to hitchhike around the world. Seven years later he produced his first film, a Lithuanian comedy titled “šis medis yra per aukštas” (Eng: “The Tallness of the Trees”) that was warmly received. He went on to produce the Lao violent crime thriller “naiuaela thimi fai yunai thale sab” (Eng: “The Burning Lake”) which was awarded best film at the, now disbanded, Laos Underground Punk Film Festival. In the years since he has written two novels and three compilations of poetry; all unpublished because, in his words, “the world is not yet ready”.
At ARKitecht ltd, Bones serves as an in-house producer. He’s not always easy to get a hold of but his merit speaks for itself.